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What To Expect From A Termite Inspection

It is always wise to hire a professional termite inspector to ensure your home is free of the pest. In fact, you can ask the pest exterminator from Colonial Pest Control to come to your house and perform an inspection. However, you should not be surprised if the inspector needs more time. It is not unusual for an inspection to take around 45 minutes, especially if your house is large and poorly organized. In addition to the inspection, the technician will also give you a quote for repair and treatment.

termite inspection

While termites may not leave visible signs of their presence, they may cause extensive damage to wood. If you suspect your home of termite infestation, you can start by checking for termite droppings. These are typically located near window sills, baseboards, door frames, and foundations. Subterranean termites live in underground conditions and feed on wood from the inside out. If you notice any of these signs, it is time to hire a termite inspection company.
The inspection process begins by walking around the exterior of your house, close to the foundation. Your inspector will check for any wood structures and wood-to-earth points. They will also check your garage and any wood that surrounds your home. The inspector will also pay special attention to the interior of your home, such as cabinets, closets, and bathrooms. Plumbing penetrations can be easy access points for termites. Therefore, you should also check your gutters, pipes, and other exterior structures.
If you are selling or buying a house, the seller of the house is often responsible for the costs of the inspection. If you are not comfortable paying for the inspection, you may want to consider going with another option. Depending on the state, the seller may not require it. However, if you plan to use your home to purchase a new property, it is a good idea to get an inspection done.
During the inspection, your inspector will look for signs of wood damage and mud tubes. In addition, he will look around your yard and property to check for signs of termite activity. If you notice any of these signs, you should repair any leaky faucets and avoid water accumulation near your house’s foundation. Moreover, you should grade soil around the house so that water does not accumulate near the foundation. A termite inspection is also necessary if you think you have an active infestation of the pest.
Before your inspection, a termite inspector will ask you a series of questions. These questions will help him better understand your home’s history and identify areas of increased activity. You can even show the inspector areas of your home where termite activity has already occurred. Licensed technicians will pay special attention to the details of your termite activity. The inspection process is easy and convenient. Ensure you’re home during the inspection to avoid any surprises.
Termites can ruin your home for years, so it is important to hire a professional to inspect your home. Professional termite inspectors work with homeowners to determine the best treatment plan for your house. The technician will not do the treatments themselves; he’ll explain the treatment options and work within your budget. So, if you’re thinking of purchasing a new house, hire a professional termite inspection company. You’ll be glad you did.
A termite inspection will cost around $50 to $100 and may only take about two to two hours. Depending on the size of your home, a professional will be able to identify the visible signs of termite infestation. These include mud tubes, damaged wood, and even broken wings and droppings. It’s also possible to spot termite damage by yourself, but be sure to hire a professional to ensure you won’t pay for any repairs after an inspection.
Whether you decide to hire a termite inspector or do it yourself, a professional termite inspection can be a great way to protect your property. Depending on the severity of the infestation, a professional inspection can save you time and money. However, it is still essential to contact a company that offers a warranty for their work. You should always make sure you get documentation that documents the resolution of termite infestations. In some cases, a professional termite inspector may recommend a new baiting program or liquid treatment for the pest.
The duration of a termite inspection will depend on the size of your house. A thorough termite inspection will cover all areas of your home, including the attic, basement, and crawl space. Inspecting the structure and woodwork for signs of termite infestation will usually take 30 minutes to two hours. Afterwards, you’ll get a detailed report of the problem. And if the inspector finds any evidence of termites, you can decide whether or not you need to take preventative measures.